Hwy 55, 1624 State Road: Fall 2023 (Temporary)

Hwy 55 is a restaurant chain that serves burgers, fries, shakes, and other short order menu items. This location in Cheraw is temporarily closed. As seen in the above pictures, there are for-hire fliers taped to the door and windows. I have heard that the temporary closing is due to a change in either management or ownership.

I know some folks who love Hwy 55. As for me, although I do like the '50s/'60s look and music, I've had better burgers elsewhere. I mean, the burgers here are fine, but a Sonic burger would be just as good; in fact, I had one recently. I do like the onion rings at Hwy 55.

Hopefully, this Hwy 55 location will reopen and with a longer set of hours. It seems that for the last couple of years, this location has frequently been closed several hours before the posted time of 9 PM, and that has supposedly been due to a shortage of workers. Perhaps that shortage of workers is why this temporary closing is lasting so long.