This blog is for discussing the closings of stores, restaurants, gas stations, factories, other places of business, ... anywhere people generally go until suddenly they can't anymore. You are encouraged to leave comments about experiences and memories you may have regarding these places. You might know things I don't know about a place like when it actually closed, what it was, or what it was before it was something else. Feel free to let me know of an establishment that has recently or will soon close.

To leave a comment, click on the post's title, and you should see a field for adding comments at the bottom of the page. If you are looking for an older post that is no longer on the front page, you can click on the All Closings link next to the Share button in the top right corner of the website. My guess of the date the place closed comes immediately after the name of the place (after the colon). The date in parentheses is the date that I posted the blog entry. I'm not crazy about this particular format, especially since it places the year before the month and day (a date format that is actually common in other countries), but that is the nature of the software I use for this blog, and that doesn't appear to be an easy change to make in the code.

I will mainly be focusing on Cheraw, SC, because...well...I live here. Of course, I do get around to other parts of Chesterfield County, the Pee Dee, the beach, etc, so I will occassionally post any closings I see in those places if they catch my interest. After all, you likely get around to those places, too.

I do hope you enjoy this blog. Please remember to be civil in your comments. If you have something critical to say about some place that has closed down, that is fine, but if you use the comment section to talk trash about someone, post profanity, or be generally rude, you will be wasting your time; your comment will be removed. Treat others how you would like them to treat you.

Also, if you are familiar with the Columbia area, I encourage you to visit Columbia Closings. I have been enjoying that website for years, and it gave me the idea for hosting a similar website for the area I live in and the places I frequent. Even though I do get around to the Columbia area every now and then, as a courtesy to the site's owner, Ted, I will not cover any closings there. After all, there's already a great website dedicated to that area of our wonderful state.