Brigman's Auto Repair (relocated), 210 Front Street: 2013

While I was out taking pictures of the buildings being demolished downtown, I noticed this interesting building across Front Street. Its last occupant appears to have been Brigman's Auto Repair. As best as I can tell from this Facebook page, Brigman's Auto Repair was briefly located at 340 Second Street before moving again to 68 Manor Road, which appears to be its current location. It seems then that the 210 Front Street location was prior to the 340 Second Street location. The phone number listed on the Facebook page looks to be a cell phone number, and that might be why there is no listing for Brigman's Auto Repair in the 2020 phone book and yellow pages; that said, I am not listing Brigman's Auto Repair as being closed, only relocated.

The outside of the building at 210 Front Street could use some work, but it does not look like the repairs would be significant; however, given the location, there may be flood damage inside from when Hurricane Florence impacted Cheraw back in 2018. Still, with the presence of the metal building in the back with the garage bay doors, I could see another auto repair business setting up shop here.