Cheraw State Park, Highway 52 South: March 28, 2020 (temporary)

All state parks in South Carolina have been closed as of Saturday, March 28, due to measures enacted to stave off the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier last week, it had been decided to close the state parks on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but apparently that is not enough. It's unfortunate for those who want to walk at the park and would have done what they were supposed to do anyway by avoiding gatherings of three or more people, but my guess is that the parks don't have enough resources for monitoring. As you can see in the pictures, the main gate has been closed, and barricades have been placed at the campground entrance, although one has been moved since yesterday. Perhaps there is still someone camping through the weekend.

The golf course at Cheraw State Park had already set up its own measures a week or so ago. The pro shop was only allowing one customer at a time and only to pay for a round of golf or a bucket of range balls; the merchandise and grill were off limits. The pins on the greens were also placed in a way where the holes were shallow, and they had signs to not touch the pins and leave them in the hole. Leaving the pin in the hole while putting has been allowed by the USGA for about a year, but I'm sure those golfers who still prefer to pull the pin out were having a tough time remembering to not touch the pin.

All state parks in South Carolina should reopen on May 1, but I'm sure that could change depending on how present the pandemic is in our state. Let's hope things can start getting back to normal by then.

UPDATE 4/29/2020: All state parks in South Carolina are scheduled to be reopened this Friday, May 1, though there will still be some restrictions in place: The State. It is my understanding that the golf course at Cheraw State Park will also be reopened on Friday.