Pro Nails, 839 Chesterfield Highway: January 2020

Pro Nails was a nail salon that was adjacent to the Food Lion at Chesterfield Commons. It appears to have been one of the last tenants that leased space at Chesterfield Commons. According to this Facebook page for Pro Nails, the salon was still in business through the end of last year, for someone had checked in there on Facebook back in December; therefore, I'll state the closing as being January of 2020.

If Pro Nails is still open, then it needs more than a bit of cleanup. The floor in the store is covered with old fast food boxes and cups. Walking around the back of this store, I saw that the door was open. It seems that someone has been squatting in the store since Pro Nails closed. Of all the units in this shopping center, this one that was used by Pro Nails would be the least salvageable if anybody else wanted to set up operation at Chesterfield Commons.