Finklea's Movies / Pee Dee Cleaners (relocated), 831 Chesterfield Highway: July 2013

I'm pretty sure I have the storefront order right from years ago at Chesterfield Commons: Finklea's Movies just to the right of the old Walmart, then the old Shoe Show, and then Food Lion. Finklea's Movies was not the first video rental store in Cheraw, but I remember it coming along around the same time that Video Limited did mainly because those were the two video rental stores I recall my family shopping. Before those two stores, there were the two Doug's (one just north of the recreation department on Highway 52, the other in the old Winn Dixie shopping center) and Bruce's on Highway 1 at Juniper Junction.

I mostly recall Finklea's Movies because I liked to rent Nintendo and Super Nintendo video games from there. I guess I also rented video games from Video Limited, but I don't have any specific memories of doing so; perhaps Finklea's allowed one extra day for video game rentals or the selection was better? I vaguely remember the video game display at Doug's at the Highway 52 location, specifically seeing Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 right next to each other. One particular memory of Finklea's is getting on a waiting list for Mario Kart and being on that waiting list for what felt like forever before actually getting to rent the game. Of course, the game was an instant classic.

By the late 1990s, I had stopped renting video games, I suppose mainly because I had started playing more PC games, and there were no PC game rentals. It was sometime around then or the early 2000s that Finklea's Movies had relocated to a newer, small strip mall next to the Pizza Hut, where the current Verizon Wireless store is. After Finklea's had vacated its spot at Chesterfield Commons, Pee Dee Cleaners set up shop for a few years. It too would later relocate to its current location on Powe Street. According to this ad in The Link (paywalled, page 9), this relocation had occurred by July of 2013. Using Pee Dee Cleaners when searching for the address of the old Chesterfield Commons storefront, it appears that the storefront shares the 831 Chesterfield Highway address with the old Food Lion.