Quik Stop / Bruce's Quik Stop & Greenhouses, 13709 Highway 9, Chesterfield: 2011

Quik Stop was a gas station and convenience store located on the outskirts of the west side of Chesterfield. Looking at one of the gas pumps, I can see that Quik Stop was associated with the Amoco fuel brand. The $1.48 per gallon regular fuel price along with the window picture of Nascar driver Kevin Harvick's 2010-2011 car seem to suggest that this station was still open in 2011 but not for much longer. Although I didn't see any greenhouse on the property, when searching for the street address on the internet, I found an alternate name for the business: Bruce's Quik Stop & Greenhouses. Also, according to the Chesterfield County GIS website, this property was sold back in March. Perhaps a new gas station and/or convenience store will open here in the near future.