Duvall's Cheraw Hardware / Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 1 Village Park: February 2021 (relocated)

The Cheraw Habitat for Humanity ReStore moved from 1 Village Park in downtown to 8 Chesterfield Highway, the former BI-LO. I would assume that they removed the reported bat infestation before moving into the building. The move was made because the new building is larger than the old one. Although I have yet to visit the new location, I had gone to the old downtown location a few times.

1 Village Park was also the location of Duvall's Cheraw Hardware store for many years. The store was under the True Value brand, which is currently the brand used by CMC Building Supply; however, while Duvall's Cheraw Hardware was in operation, CMC Building Supply was part of the Ace Hardware brand. For whatever reason, I mostly remember the inside of Duvall's Cheraw Hardware having the strong, distinct odor of fertilizer. I believe that Duvall's Cheraw Hardware closed about 15 or 20 years ago.