(Part 2) J. P. Stevens / Delta Mills Plants No. 2 and 3, 4351 Brickyard Road, Wallace: 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the old Delta Mills plants and took numerous pictures of the perimeter. I also found an opening in the fence in the back of the property and ventured inside to take more pictures, as you see above. This adventure likely is considered to be trespassing, but I really felt I needed to press on. If any former employees of Delta Mills happen to stumble across this obscure, little destination in the vast outer space of the internet (i.e. this website), they may appreciate pictures of the inside more than what they can see by just driving by the plants.

And so I dedicate these two blog posts to those men and women who spent a good portion of their lives working at Delta Mills in Wallace. Maybe the pictures will stir up some good memories. I would have liked to have gotten further inside, but that would have been dangerous given what little light there was and the few things I already saw dangling from the ceiling in the places I did enter.


By: Glenn Melton (Thu Jul 28 22:01:01 EDT 2022)
I spent about 11 or 12 years at Plant 2. I left just before it closed for good. I could not have asked for any better people to work with. We worked as a team as most of those years I spent working in the warehouse. In fact I rode by today and seen they are tearing down plant 2. The warehouse is gone except the concrete slab we worked on. Oh how the memories of those days flooded my mind. Remembered so many of my co-workers and trying to remember their names and so many I did and how they looked even after being gone from there all these years I still can. A lot of them I worked with including different departments have been laid to rest. They can tear the buildings down but they can't take the wonderful memories I have of working there. RIP Delta Mills Plant # 2!

By: kenneth raines (Mon Nov 20 08:36:59 EST 2023)
i worked at delta mills in bessemer city nc .when i first started there we werej.p.stevens,delta bought out 11 of jp stevens mills under steveco knit.my whole family worked there.we were a ring spinning operation.they closed us down and tore the building down.now all is left ls the old fence.i was a spinning doffer there for many years.the best job i ever had.the management was great.our plant manager larry morelock really cared about his people.some of the best people i have ever worked with.it is sad to see pictures of these old textile mills just sitting idle.textiles as we know is gone ,but i will always have the wonderful memories.