Horton Chiropractic Clinic, 601 Dianne Drive: August 2018

Depending on whom you ask, chiropractors are either miracle workers or quacks, and I imagine the truth lies somewhere in between. Both my brother and my dad have seen a chiropractor in recent years for back issues, and they said it was helpful to some extent. It certainly seems to be cheaper and less invasive than back surgery.

Growing up in the Windsor Park neighborhood, I remember Horton Chiropractic Clinic being around for many years. According to this obituary in The Link (pay-walled), the owner of this business, Dr. R. Gene Horton, passed away back in September. I am going with a closing date of August 2018 because that is when the Chesterfield County GIS website shows the last change in the ownership of the property.

According to local.com, Horton Chiropractic Clinic was established back in 1973. It looks like before then, this was someone's house. The follow-up operation is Palmetto Wellness & Injury Center, which also provides chiropractic care.